About Company

Nepgen Clinicals stands as a pioneering clinical research organization in Nepal, driven by a multidisciplinary team of experts committed to advancing healthcare since last three years in Nepal. Our dedicated professionals bring together diverse backgrounds in medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, and data science to conduct high-quality clinical research across a wide spectrum of diseases.

At Nepgen Clinicals, we specialize in the seamless execution of clinical trials, spanning various therapeutic areas such as infectious diseases, oncology, cardiovascular health, and neurology. Our comprehensive services include protocol development, site selection, patient recruitment, and data management, ensuring a robust and efficient research process.

As a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) in Nepal, we are equipped to navigate the regulatory landscape, adhering to international standards and local guidelines. Our commitment to excellence extends to fostering collaborative partnerships with sponsors, investigators, and regulatory authorities, ensuring the successful completion of clinical trials.

With a forward-looking approach, Nepgen Clinicals embraces emerging trends and technologies in the field of clinical research. Our vision is not only to contribute to the global advancement of medical knowledge but also to elevate the standards of healthcare in Nepal through evidence-based practices.